Made in Pakistan - Being a Nation, We are One

Dawn of the twenty-first century has seen an astronomical surge in the use of social media. Scores of users have emerged and have marked their virtual presence on multiple social media avenues. This surge in the users of social media has also impacted the global economic landscape at numerous fronts. Social media e-markets and online buying/selling options have emerged astoundingly all over the globe. This provides the consumers with a wide-array of options to select the product of their choice and get it delivered at their door-steps. Hence, the concept of the world turning into a “Global Village” coined by Marshall McLuhan in 1960s has taken precedence.

However, this intervention, like multiple others, is no exception from the economic disparity that exists in the form of global south and global north. On the one hand, there are E-commerce giants such as Ali Baba and Amazon, while on the other hand, there are very few or close to none reliable E-commerce options available in the third world countries and the sub-continent in particular.

Pakistan, as per “World Population Prospects 2019” report by the United Nations is stationed as the fifth largest country by population. It is astonishing that a country with such a mammoth market potential and local manufacturers, is yet to have one unified e-commerce platform to house this plethora of local manufacturing options whether it is from construction to textiles, or furniture to ICT. Hence, it is a crying need of the hour to the business community of Pakistan to emphasize on developing a unique e-commerce platform to house thousands of local manufacturers, freelance professionals, traders, constructors, builders, architects, graphic designers, and other craftsmen and professional service providers.

To turn the tables around, the idea was rightly picked by three young and emerging entrepreneurs from Lahore. The team came up with this idea to promote locally manufactured goods and products and to promote the local industry while providing the consumers with state of the art best possible options of highest quality and international standards to buy from. The core idea behind this brainchild was to unify the people together whether customers, vendors, manufacturers, service providers, traders or freelance professionals. Hence the brainchild was named as (Being a Nation, We are One). The business has dual connotations attached to it as firstly, as mentioned earlier, it focuses on the national solidarity. While, on the other hand, it is derived from the Urdu Word “Banwao” that means “to get something manufactured as per customized needs”. The whole idea focuses on the promotion of “Made in Pakistan” products.

The e-commerce platform provides an easy and free of cost options (till date) to all the manufacturers, traders, vendors and freelancers to develop their business profile on the website where scores of consumers can reach them. The project is currently under further development, refinement and pilot phase and would be further customized as per the continuous learning. In times such as these, where the role of social media and online buying/selling is pivotal and imperative, it is really heartening to see that young entrepreneurs from Pakistan are stepping up, taking the responsibility and putting their efforts and energies in finding and providing the people of this country with fast changing market needs. Initiatives such as these must be encouraged and supported at all levels because this is how our country will be prosperous and reach the epitome of economic success and independence.